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“The Classical Difference” FAQ

This FAQ is for ACCS Member Schools. Individual subscriptions can be purchased here.

What is it?

The Classical Difference is a magazine designed to educate, inform, inspire, encourage, and build the classical Christian community locally and nationally. It is delivered directly to parent mailboxes quarterly, with a note printed above the address indicating that it is a gift from your school. View the website to learn more. You can also view PDFs of past issues.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, complete the subscription form and provide your parent mailing list (explained below). The cost is $3 per student, which helps subsidize production, printing, and mailing costs.

Note: If you are an individual and would like to subscribe, visit the ACCS store.

What about the mailing list?

If your mailing list is ready when you complete the subscription form, you can send it at that time. If not, send your mailing list to [email protected] when it is ready. There should be a separate mailing list for parents, teachers, and grandparents.

  • The format should be .xls (Excel).
  • The columns should be clearly labeled and in order as follows: First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Address 2 (may be blank, but must be included), City, State, Zip Code, Email Address.
  • There should be no extra spaces before the first word in any field or after the last word in any field.
  • There should only be one address per school household. You can place multiple first names in the “First Name” field (such as “Joe and Susie”).
  • We do not provide address or email information to any outside organizations other than the printer and post office responsible for labeling and mailing the magazines.
  • The email address is used as an individual unique token for each mailing address.
  • Don’t worry! If the mailing list is incorrectly formatted, we will send it back with instructions on how to fix it.

How can I order back issues?

Visit the ACCS Store. Scroll down to the “Members Only” section.

How can I contribute writing, photos, and other materials?

Scroll to the footer of The Classical Difference website. Select an option from the “Contact Us” section.

Most of the time, you will use the Submissions form. For a higher resolution photo than is allowed on the Submissions form, use the Photos form. There are also forms for General Questions and Parting Shot.

We love submissions of fully released photos, photo shoots, and photo libraries. We suggest using WeTransfer to the email address [email protected], or you can send a request, to the same email, for a shared Google Drive folder.

What kind of content do you want?

We are always looking for:

  • fun or meaningful quotes and stories from students
  • short blurbs on student accomplishments outside of school (for the “Set Apart” section)
  • short blurbs and accompanying photos of news, events, or tidbits captured at schools (for the “Around the Country” section)
  • articles that would be of interest to parents
  • high resolution images of students/events/artwork
  • reviews of current movies or books as they relate specifically to classical Christian education
  • artwork and poems, and accompanying photos, along with a short blurb about the student and the assignment or inspiration for the project (for the “Down the Hallway” section)

We prefer out-of-the-ordinary subject matter. Events that happen regularly at, or materials that are common to, all schools are difficult to publish in a fair manner.

Articles should be written in journalistic, not academic, style. Avoid material that might sound like an essay or thesis. Articles must provide practical, entertaining, and/or encouraging information to readers and must relate to classical Christian education or its principles.

The material in the magazine is directed to parents, with varying degrees of knowledge about and commitment to classical Christian education. It is considered a “popular” magazine. While we as members of the ACCS may have a deeper commitment, parents may or may not have the same perspectives. When providing materials, keep in mind what may be of interest to a wide range of parents. Avoid materials that are more likely to be of interest to teachers or administrators.

How can I get on the publicity contact list?

We need content for the magazine, social media communications, and other publications. The publicity contact list provides a way for us to contact specific individuals at our schools to let them know what is coming up, request specific materials for publication, and provide other information about the magazine and social media communications.

Providing a publicity contact for your school is the best way to know what materials are needed for upcoming issues. Sign up here.

How can I more effectively use the magazine?

To link to magazine content from your website or to share or print content, visit here.

Thank you for your support as we seek to encourage, inform, unite, and expand the classical Christian community.